Accusure Ankle Binder Bamboo (A3)

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Accusure Ankle Binder Support Features

Model NumberA3
NameElastic Ankle Binder Support
SizeS, M, L, XL
MaterialElastic, Bamboo Yarn, Cotton, Spandex
Ideal ForMen & Women
Manufactured By‎Microgene Diagnostic Systems



This accusure ankle binder L/M/XL/S is used for sprains, swelling or injury in the feet, fractures or problems in walking, etc. Most sports players use it. It is very beneficial for our feet and relaxes the heel pain and softens and moisturizes them. It is made of soft cotton yarn, cotton, spandex, etc. This is easy to wear and provides comfort for the feet. It controls the pain of an ankle injury and is soft.

The 3D knitting with mellowed heel spot of the Elastic Ankle Binder ensures snug fitting strong compression comfortable ankle movement and perfect conformance to the complex anatomy of the ankle. Elasticized wrp in figure of 8 stabilizes ankle controls inversion aversion and plantar flexion. Dermophillic cotton ensures comfort in all weather conditions. Nylon outside ensures durability and nice aesthetics.

Benefits of Uses Accusure Ankle Binder Yarn 

  • It provides relief from ankle sprains and strains.
  • It provides relief from the pain of injury.
  • moisturizing and soft
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Prophylaxis for athletes that is extremely effective.
  • It is useful for injuries and inflammation of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • This is beneficial in the treatment of a broken bone.
  • This ankle binder doesn’t give off an odour if you wear it all-day.

HSN : 90211000

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S, M, L, XL

2 reviews for Accusure Ankle Binder Bamboo (A3)

  1. rahimmur

    Superb Product

  2. Mustafa Parsa

    Such a great product

    Mustafa Parsa
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