Accusure Back Rest (R1)

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Model NumberR1
NameBack Rest
MaterialPU Foam
Ideal ForMen & Women
Manufactured By‎Microgene Diagnostic Systems




AccuSure present to you another and novel item to help you bid farewell to your back torment and stance issues. AccuSure Full Backrest Comfort Cushion is a simple to utilize item and can be utilized anyplace and whenever. Back agony is a typical protest in this day and age. Back agony is perhaps the most widely recognized clinical issues, influencing 8 out of 10 individuals eventually of time during their lives. The lumbar region is the most well-known region for torment, as it underpins the greater part of the weight in the chest area. Lower back agony is a typical issue for PC clients and exploration shows that over 80% of individuals who utilize their PC for over 4 hours experience the ill effects of low back torment. We spend extended periods working before the PC, sitting before the TV or resting in some unacceptable position and disregard our stance and back torment issues. As indicated by specialists, back agony is related with the way our bones, muscles and tendons in our back work together.

Product Details
Ideal For
  • Men, Women
Pack of
  • 1

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